Sync Music

Here I provide pre-made music for your film, television show, commercial, or other project that requires stock music or other audio. If you require project stems or independent audio made specifically for your project, feel free to contact me at the information on the bottom of the page.

The sites on which I can currently be found for sync and stock music are the following:





A track to help imitate the feeling of adventure and joy, discovering new things as you go about in the world and see what's in store. For me, when I feel that, I close my eyes and I see the color orange.

A Life in Jazz


A dramatic, loud, and brassy piece of music with a vibe of having a party on a night out. Supporting woodwinds and keys are just as capable of making sure the jazzy night stays lively.  

Peace in Sleep


There is a moment when you begin to fall into deep, rhythmic sleep. This track mimics the tranquility of that peace you feel the first moments in sleep.

Royal in the Sky


Royalty can have its perks in the beginning: the regality, the nobility. But a life under political duress isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Fog in the Distance

annie-spratt-7CME6Wlgrdk-unsplash Cropped.jpg

A slow, tense walk through the woods. You can't see anything because of all the fog in front of you. 

Piano in the Club


An intense dance instrumental for partying or bringing the tension up in any situation. The piano and violin bring a different air to the usual club vibe.

Stars in the Aurora

tree-silhouettes-with-northernlights-picjumbo-com (1).jpg

The mysterious yet magical replication of the feeling of life's reflection as you look up at the sky, at the stars, and at the aurora.



An intense track that simulates the feeling of anger and the web we tangle ourselves in when we let it control us. I envision it as the color Red.