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Dynamic and innovative Technical Audio Designer with over 6 years of experience, combining audio knowledge and DAW expertise with middleware integration into various software. Proficient in a broad spectrum of technologies, including FMOD, Wwise, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Unity, Unreal, C++, and C#, complemented by a strong background in language learning and modern recording practices. Proven ability in leading cross-functional teams to conceive, develop, and maintain sophisticated products as they move from conception to development to completion. Adept in fostering collaborative work environments and optimizing operational efficiency. Co-Founder of a company with over 30 members, underscoring a reliable and trustworthy professional ethos. Committed to continuous learning, pursuing an N1 (full proficiency) in Japanese, and bringing a versatile skill set coupled with proactive problem-solving abilities to drive team success and innovation in technical audio implementation.


Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2019

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

B.A. in Music, Music Technology Concentration

GPA 3.77/4.00

Dean's List


01/2023 - Present, Remote

Trashfire Games

Co-Founder, Audio Lead

• Spearheaded cross-functional teams in game development, integrating members from various fields in order to create a product that adequately demonstrates each members’ ability to shine in a game development environment.

• Conceptualized and implemented scriptable object system with programming team for a more accessible way of implementing audio into various gaming scenarios.

• Actively contributed to game build reviews and maintained comprehensive technical documentation, ensuring adherence to the highest build quality and consistency standards.

• Instrumental in developing and launching the game’s audio system, combining Unity’s base audio system with FMOD Middleware, effectively showcasing the high level of experience our audio team has.

12/2022 - Present, Oak Forest, IL

Acorn Public Library

Library Assistant


• Administered the systematic intake of library materials, ensuring accurate cataloging and organization, while enforcing library policies with fines for overdue materials, demonstrating commitment to resource availability and timely return.

• Facilitated the reservation process by strategically placing books on hold for patrons, enhancing accessibility and customer satisfaction.

• Maintained the order and aesthetic of the library by meticulously shelving books and executing routine shelf maintenance, including dusting and arrangement.

• Orchestrated the issuance of library cards, fostering seamless access to resources for new patrons.

03/2020 - Present, Remote


Freelance Audio Editor

• Employ advanced audio editing skills and techniques to meticulously craft and refine projects for both personal and client endeavors.

• During the pandemic hiatus, proactively invested time in expanding skill sets, initiating innovative projects, and exploring new professional ventures, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.

• Independently undertook the entire production cycle – recording, editing, mixing, and mastering – of a series of self-released music projects during the pandemic, showcasing a multifaceted proficiency in audio production and a dedication to artistic expression.

01/2020 - 03/2020, Chicago, IL

Cutters Studios

Editing Intern


• Executed time-sensitive tasks with precision and efficiency, showcasing an unwavering commitment to meeting stringent deadlines.

• Gained valuable insights into professional sound engineering through dedicated shadowing during diverse recording sessions, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of industry practices.

• Provided exceptional hospitality services, including the accurate fulfillment of client orders and managing culinary requests to enhance the overall client experience.

• Demonstrated meticulous attention to detail by ensuring the pristine condition of rooms post-client sessions, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

05/2019 - 08/2019, Chicago, IL

Chicago Filmmakers

Audio Producer


• Played an integral role in orchestrating the seamless setup of audio and other essential components for children’s programs, contributing to the immersive and engaging experiences of young audiences.

• Took charge of meticulously configuring and testing audio setups for nightly showings, ensuring a flawless audiovisual presentation that heightened the overall quality of the events.

• Innovatively conceptualized and produced a captivating podcast for Chicago Filmmakers’ social media platforms, effectively leveraging the power of audio storytelling to enhance the organization’s digital presence and community engagement.

01/2019 - 02/2019, Urbana-Champaign, IL

UIUC Music Department

Student Recording Intern


• Exemplify mastery in capturing the essence of student and faculty recitals through the deployment of professional-grade recording techniques, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience.

• Skillfully curate, edit, and systematically organize recordings, delivering a refined product promptly to performers, thereby enhancing the overall artistic and archival value.

• Showcase technical expertise in audio production, encompassing precision microphone setup, meticulous level monitoring, and comprehensive knowledge of advanced software such as Samplitude, underpinning a commitment to achieving the highest standards in sound engineering.

06/2017 - 10/2019, Remote

Titanic Games

Sound Designer

• Drove the triumph of the company’s initiatives by spearheading diverse audio-related responsibilities, orchestrating the seamless integration of cutting-edge sound design to elevate the overall user experience.

• Played a pivotal role in the ideation and conceptualization of innovative game projects, contributing significantly to the realization of compelling gaming experiences.

• Demonstrated advanced proficiency in industry-leading software, including Unreal Engine, Unity, and FMOD, showcasing a mastery of the technological landscape crucial to contemporary game development. Notably, executed and completed projects such as Waffle Tycoon (no longer accessible via the web).

Skills and Expertise

  • Languages

    • English

    • Spanish​

    • Japanese

  • Programming

    • C#​

    • C++

    • Python

    • Java

  • Audio Editing/Mixing:

    • Logic Pro X​

    • Pro Tools

    • Foley

    • Microphone Technique

  • Video Editing:

    • Final Cut Pro X​

    • Premiere Pro

  • Game Engines and Audio Middleware:

    • Unity​

    • Unreal

    • Wwise

    • FMOD

  • Other Skills:

    • Open-Mindedness​

    • Creativity

    • Critical Thinking

    • Organization

    • Communication

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