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Game Projects Worked On
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Genre: Hack and Slash

Role: Team Lead and SFX Designer

Created SFX for all character movements, object interactions, and enemies. Managed other departments in keeping tasks organized.

Audio System: Unity + FMOD

You, Mirai, are an adventurous 10 year old girl looking to bring your best friend, Kako, out of her shell. One night, during one of your excursions, Kako is stolen by a time demon to be trapped for all eternity. How far through time and space will you go to find your best friend?


Genre: Platforming

Role: SFX Designer

Created SFX for all character movements, ancestor interactions, and all miscellaneous actions.

Audio System: Unity Built-in Audio

Every night, you visit your ancestors at a nearby shrine. Unlike other days, your ancestors finally repond to you. The catch? They squabble more than your siblings do. Each ancestor gives you a different, conflicting piece of advice. Tread the paths of your ancestors as you unravel the future that awaits you at the end of your journey to find the answer to "How do I want to live my life?"

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