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A 3D soundscape experience consisting of 8 areas with a variety of soundscapes, demonstrating ability to create different worlds using Unreal Engine's Built-in Audio Engine.



Logic Pro X


Audio Creation and Implementation

  • Player Character

    • Created footstep system for character with no mesh​

    • Blueprint modulation for footsteps in different biomes

      • Created separate landing sounds based on falling speed​

  • General Audio

    • Audio occlusion created on barriers separating the different soundscape worlds​

  • Portals

    • Layered and created proximity effect​

    • Listener follows Player Character when teleporting

  • Forest Soundscape

    • Rain ambience​

      • Different rain sound intensity depending on area in forest​

        • Rain hitting metal in shack​

        • Rain hitting leaves in forest

    • Lion with sounds attached to animation

    • Forest with bird sounds

  • Town Soundscape

    • Tavern with patrons inside hooting and hollering in glee​

    • Cart rolling around

      • Randomized bell ding​

      • Splined animation with rolling cart audio

    • Train arriving in station and leaving audio

  • Home Soundscape

    • Various areas of a typical home including the fireplace, TV room, laundry, and telephone​

      • Fireplace crackle​

      • TV news

      • Phone ring

      • Washing machine running

  • Water​​

    • A whale swimming around

      • Randomized audio​

    • Waterfall, the audio there is stronger than other more serene water locations

    • Island ambience with tropical birds and calmer water audio

  • Snow

    • Christmas area with carolers and the sounds of Santa lifting off​

    • Mountain man climbing

      • Pickaxe and grunting​

  • Sci-fi

    • UFO flying around, deeper sound when closer to Player Character​

    • Floor gives off a very sci-fi bounce style

  • Carnival

    • Carnival Ambience

      • Merry-go-round, Circus tent​

        • Ambience of children and families having fun​

      • Horse galloping around the carnival

      • Popcorn machine popping at random intervals

  • Ethereal

    • Ethereal ambience

      • Black hole in center of room​

      • Glass footsteps to further show the lightness of the world

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