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A 3D playground consisting of a BB-8 model rolling through several biomes and the audio experience each area contains using advanced FMOD methods and C#.

Special thanks to Special Meeting Studios on for BB-8 demo.




Visual Studio

Logic Pro X




Audio Creation and Implementation

  • Added door opening animations

    • Added door opening + closing sounds​

      • Randomized pitch modulation​

  • Added attenuated fire audio with FMOD event emitter

  • Added turn on + off hologram sounds

    • Self synthesized​

  • Added collisions to wall

    • Different sounds for different speeds, implemented with FMOD​

  • Wolf

    • Added wolf sounds​

    • Wolf footsteps fading + increasing with radius

    • Used FMOD multi-instrument and spatialization, added with animation events

    • Used FMOD scatterer for wolf howls

  • Eagle

    • Added eagle wing flap​

  • Dragon

    • Layered stock sounds to produce roar, teeth snap, and sand step​

      • Attached with animation events​

  • Fans

    • Created turning sound, looped and added through FMOD Studio Event Emitter​

  • Generators

    • Electrical hum​

  • Portals

    • Layered and created proximity effect​

    • Listener follows BB when teleporting

  • Spider

    • Intermittent roars with Studio Event Emitter​

    • Footsteps, created by combining explosions with electronic bass thump

  • Pallets

    • Different sounds for different speeds, implemented with FMOD​

  • Gun Robot

    • Layered explosions, electricity, and wasps to achieve futuristic gun shot​

      • Used animation events to achieve burst effect​

  • Whale

    • Implemented whale bellow with Event Emitter​

    • Added ominous ambience to follow whale along its path

  • Roller Coaster

    • Through triggers and emitters placed around the track, implemented:

      • Lift sound​

      • Screams

      • Cart on metal

  • Maze

    • Parameter based music based on location​

      • Goes forwards and backwards​

  • BB-8

    • Parameter based whir based on velocity​

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