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A 2D platformer that shows the capabilities of the built-in audio system when it comes to both SFX and music.

Using Platformer Microgame from Unity




Visual Studio

Logic Pro X


Audio Creation and Implementation

  • Collectible coin audio created using a cup of water and a spoon. Reverb was added for a gamey feel, and pitch shifted for variation.

    • Randomization audio system scripted for said variation.​

  • Enemy approaching "danger" audio, made in Logic Pro X with a synthesizer. Used Unity's logarithmic rolloff system for sense of approach.

  • Enemy death landing made using a squeaky toy, pitched and used aforementioned randomization system.

  • Character jump noise created using self-recorded voice acting, pitched and randomized.

  • Character death sound produced using the combination of electric piano, tenor sax, and drumset cymbal. Bent to create a gamey feel.

  • Character respawn sound created by playing the character death sound in reverse. 

  • Character landing audio found using a CC sound library.

  • Victory song composed by myself.

  • Background music composed by myself. 

  • Scripted landing audio to play when landing and holding a directional key, which was not initially the case.

  • Added respawn points for QOL.

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